Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Eat Well--Anywhere

In Mary Jane's Farm (June/July) I came across this interesting link to the Eat Well Guide. The guide assists you in finding fresh, local foods in whatever community you're visiting. Visit the website for a free online directory. The guide includes, "farmers' markets, CSA programs, partner organizations, water-conscious ratings, and vegetarian eateries."

Just in time for summer travels!


Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

You can also do a trip planner on the Eat Well Guide so you can stop for lunch at a local diner while on the road instead of hitting up the nearest McDonalds.

ChicChick said...

Cool--I didn't know that! That's a great feature for traveling and much healthier than fast food. More memorable too, I'd guess.

Aly Marks said...

Hey ChicChick,

Thanks for mentioning the Eat Well Guide in your post. I intern for the Eat Well Guide, and it is definitely a great resource for finding local and sustainable food in your area! If you find the Eat Well Guide helpful, be sure to check out our blog, the Green Fork (www.blog.eatwellguide.org) for additional information on "green living," local foods, and sustainable food policy.