Monday, April 27, 2009


*Photo courtesy of Windows

Where has the time gone? A new baby has a way of eating up time, and a lot of it. Of course, spending long moments staring at a miracle that has been growing inside of you for nine months (and one week!) takes up quite a lot of time as well.

My husband and I welcomed our son into the world earlier this month and as new parents we've certainly experienced an eye opening transition into the world of parenthood. And I do mean eye opening quite literally! This weekend is the first time we've gotten any decent sleep as the little peanut has started to eat a bit more and so sleeps more than an hour or two at a time.

I certainly haven't been as eco-friendly as I was in my pre-baby days. I've been using a lot of the disposable diapers that people gave us before baby's birth--something I wanted to do for only the first two weeks as we transitioned into life as a new family. However, I find myself finishing week three with no cloth diapers in sight! Actually, I do have a couple on hand and am determined to try using them this week. We're doing fairly well otherwise--glass baby bottles and organic formula (not as eco-friendly as breastfeeding but that didn't work out), lots of clean gently used clothes donated from tons of generous people, second hand bouncy seats, a swing, and a playpen for when the little guy gets bigger. I've been using the dryer more than the laundry line though, and my cooking has been not quite as "from scratch" as usual. But these are things I'm willing to live with for now. It's a huge transition and the lack of sleep has really been getting to me (I cannot remember ANYTHING unless I write it down in BIG LETTERS and post it somewhere obvious).

This weekend my husband and I got the soil into our raised beds and I planted the first of my garden veggies--Swiss chard, beets and carrots. I'm hoping to make it to the local organic farmstand today for some other seeds--peas in particular need to go in soon. And my organic potatoes have sprouted so those will be going in the ground ASAP.