Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Organic Chicks Rock!

First, can I just ask. . . how cute are these chicks? My sister Aimee is going to wet herself if she reads this post. She knows I'm obsessed with these chicks. I've been talking about them since they arrived on Friday, but come on! How adorable are these little fluff balls?

You may think (incorrectly) that all they do is sleep. This is not the case. It's funny though, how quickly they all simultaneously DO fall asleep. They will be peeping and pecking away in their box and then suddenly-silence. I'll look down and there will be fuzzy little bodies in a heap somewhere. Usually one or more of them is sleeping with their whole body, or at least a head or foot in the food dish.

They are quite curious and not sure what I am yet (A giant?). One of my smallest Brahma's did hop into my hand yesterday and then ran straight up my arm and perched on my shoulder. I decided to name her Tinkerbell as she's little and curious and the most friendly of the bunch. So far we have three of the six named: Tinkerbell, Jasmine (hubby picked this one) and Butters. Four of the flock are my mother's and will be going to her house when they're a little bigger. I'll miss them.

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