Monday, March 16, 2009

Little happy surprises

Last week I had a surprise in the chicken coop. A very pleasant, very pretty BLUE surprise! Though the lighting in this photo doesn't show the true shade of the blue egg (nearest my fingers) it is so beautiful that I hesitate to eat it.

When my sister, mother, and I got chicks last spring, I ended up taking a little Arucana with a crossed beak. I was worried about her and thought that she might do better in my small flock than in my Mom's larger one. Her beak is so crossed and so pointed that it surprises our visitors that she can eat at all. Actually, it surprises me too when I watch her managing the food dish.

Her name is "Chipmunk" (or Chippy) because when she was a chick she had the exact markings of one. I never expected her to lay eggs, I just hoped that she would stay alive. My mothers Arucana's started laying months ago, so I had pretty much given up hope that Chippy would ever produce any eggs. But lo and behold--last Friday I found this gorgeous, full-sized, blue egg in the nest! I was smiling from ear to ear as I left the coop and had to take a photo in case it was some weird fluke. But no, she's laid two more since then!

I love happy little surprises like this.

I also think there is a message here. Don't give up. Don't ever assume that just because something "shouldn't" be or it might be too difficult or impossible to imagine, that it's not "logical," that it will never come to fruition. You never, ever know what kind of supposedly impossible things might happen.

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