Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Grateful for generosity

While this may look like a photo from the inside of a baby store, it's actually just some of the wonderful presents we received at a surprise baby shower given to us by our church family this weekend! We got so many great things, most of which wouldn't even fit in the photo. Clothes, toys, bibs, more clothes, a nursery lamp, snowsuit and much, much more. I was completely blown away. I had no idea that they were having a shower for us, even after our pastor asked us to come up front.

On top of all the wonderful things we received at the shower, a friend also gave us her daughter's barely used crib and bassinet. Another friend gave me a huge bag of maternity clothes and another filled with baby clothes AND a gigantic box of newborn diapers. Wow. I feel so loved!

What was even cooler about the shower and the other gifts that have been given to us, is that for the most part they are all gently used. I LOVE the idea of re-using things, especially baby clothes which are generally grown out of so quickly that they don't even have time to become faded or pilled. It's the ultimate form of recycling. I look around the nursery and see all these wonderful new-to-us things and know that these are items which will be kept out of the landfill.

Of course, not EVERYTHING is gently used. The above organic cotton sleep sets were given to us by an aunt and uncle and the adorable yellow knit set is something I've had for years, hoping I'd someday have a cute little baby to tuck into it.
Generosity just blows me away. And happy surprises are so much fun!


fadub2001@yahoo.com said...

Yeaa for all the cute baby stuff - and just wait till you see what WE'RE getting you... :)

Anonymous said...

Such cute baby thingies - and just wait till you see what WE'RE getting you... ;)

ChicChick said...

Ooooh, I can't wait either! :)

Anonymous said...

thinking about you today... during the final countdown! what a lovely shower you were given; that's so cool.