Thursday, November 6, 2008

Feeling Pinched? Give.

When we feel the most like hoarding, it is the best time to give.

This theory keeps popping up in different places for me. I bet I've read the idea, in one form or another, in three different places within the past week. The most recently was while re-reading Richard Carlson's Don't Worry, Make Money which I borrowed recently from the library.

In fact, not only should we give when we are feeling like there isn't enough to go around or when we instead want to hold tight to every penny in our purse, but we should give out exactly what it is we are hoping to get more of. Want more time? Give some of yours away. In need of cash (who isn't)? Make a donation or treat someone to something special. Want more love in your life? Give love-- to people, pets, the environment, etc.

Here's a paragraph from Dr. Carlson's book:

"Money is "circulation." It needs to flow. When you are frightened, selfish, or when you hoard everything for yourself, you literally stop making circulation. You create "clogged pipes," making it difficult to keep money flowing back in your direction. . . Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin. If you want more love, or fun, or respect, or success, or anything else, the way to get it is simple: give it away. Don't worry about a thing. The universe knows what it's doing. Everything you give away will return, with interest!"

A good reminder.


pam08 said...

I agree 100% with the power of giving!!

ChicChick said...

It's hard to do when you're feeling strapped--but SO worth it! :)

Peggy Frezon said...

Last winter, a writer got the feeling that God wanted her to give away her income from a recent article sale. As she prayed over what to do with the money, my email crossed her desk mentioning that our furnace had broken and we were waiting it out in the cold until we could afford to fix it. Right then she knew that she was supposed to send the money to me. She did, and I pray that she's received more blessings circulating her way as a result.

ChicChick said...

That's awesome, Peggy. What a great experience for both of you--gives me goosebumps!