Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Intution or No?

Do you believe in intuition? Fate? Faith?

For much of my life I have relied on my faith to get me to where I was going. Most times when I have a big (or even a small) decision to make, I pray about it and go where I feel led. This has been true even in times when I felt really removed from my faith and as though God was the farthest away from me. I've used my faith when contemplating big things like job changes, moves, and reducing my debt, and for making small decisions like how best to reach out to someone, what healthy things I could include in my life to make it better, and how to solve everyday problems.

I have always believed that if doors were closed to you and you had to really struggle to pry one open, it wasn't meant to be opened by you, at least not at that time. Doors should be opened for you, or be open already for you to walk through--if you are indeed on the right path.

Recently I read that this might be the wrong way to look at things. I'm sporadically reading a good book, Jesus, Life Coach, by Laurie Beth Jones who is a life coach herself. In the book she reminds readers that Moses had to approach Pharaoh more than once before Pharaoh agreed to let the Israelites go. What if, asks the author, Moses had just tried once and then said, "Oh well, I tried. See you later Israelites!" (Paraphrased)

Hmmmm, an interesting concept.

So, now it's made me wonder if I'm wrong to question if things don't go smoothly right away. Am I still on the right path when doors aren't opening? Do open doors indicate the right path or just a path? Should one keep pressing on even though they feel like they are treading water more than swimming somewhere?

What do you think about intuition, faith or fate? Do you trust it? Or do you prefer to make your decisions in another way?


pam08 said...

I believe that many things in life that are really worth pursuing require hard work and are not always easy right away. I also believe that when something right comes your way and it is not difficult-you should welcome it also as you are ready for it already and it might take you to the next step. We are all given natural gifts and we should celebrate those gifts and work for skills and talents that will help us get to the place we believe we want to be! I try to listen to my intuition. Usually it tells me something useful that I may not understand right away and faith in God is everything!! This is just my thoughts.

ChicChick said...

Amen, sistah! I think you are right on the money. Of course as a fellow "I" in Meyers Briggs world, I think we are both quite intuitive.