Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Alternative Gift Giving

Ahhh, spring. Time for enjoying all the beautiful green-ness around us, smelling the roses, and shopping for the 18 celebrations coming up.

Weddings. Baby and bridal showers. Graduations. Is there no end to the parties and festivities this time of year? And in times when more and more of us are watching every penny, all these celebrations and life-changing events can cause a pretty heavy toll on the ol' wallet.

So what's a kind hearted, generous person supposed to do?

First, don't panic. There are LOADS of great gifts available for every occasion, sometimes in the least likely of places. Check yard sales, Goodwill, craig's list, freecycle, the Salvation Army, and your own gift closet (more about this one later) for some great presents. You'd be surprised how many new and still in the package items you'll find in these places.

Are you crafty? Like to bake? Enjoy cleaning (just checking to make sure you're still awake!). Why not offer up your services as your gift? I can tell you honestly that having babysitting help, home cooked meals, and a clean house when I got home from the hospital after having my son last month were the best gifts I received.

If you are the person being honored with a celebration, why not give it a green spin? Check out the Alternative Gift Registry--it's a very cool, very green alternative to a traditional gift registry.

Most of all, be creative. I bet you can think of a gazillion things to make, bake, or buy (frugally) that will make the gift recipient very happy.

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